Suzanne & Guy Hazelton


Suzanne and Guy Hazelton bring a combination of Pilates and technical expertise to help you get your equipment maintenance needs taken care of efficiently.  Based in upstate NY, they serve the greater Northeastern US.

Main Location

Upstate New York (Hudson Valley, Capital District)

Other Service Areas

Western NY, Central NY, Adirondacks NY, Northern New Jersey, Southern Vermont, Western Massachusetts, Western Connecticut. 

About Us

Suzanne and Guy have been a team for over 16 years! Suzanne is immersed in the Pilates industry, not only as a Pilates instructor of 7 years but also a PSC Master Pilates teacher trainer. Guy has 35 years of experience in manufacturing, engineering, and creative problem-solving. With all that combined experience….they make a great team!

The proper use and care of Pilates equipment have become a passion for Suzanne. While in California for training, she was introduced to a wide variety of equipment and became familiar with the common issues that can occur.

Guy had his first real taste of the equipment when he and Suzanne bought a used Balanced Body Allegro 1 reformer and had to figure out how to get it home safely from Rochester NY (240 miles away) on top of a Ford Explorer!

Our Favorite Tools

Guy’s favorite tool is the equipment reference manuals! The user guides are very detailed and with his extensive manufacturing background it is like a comfort zone.  

Suzanne’s favorite tool is small scrub brush or toothbrush!  It is perfect to get into all the tight spaces.

Your Favorite Pilates Exercise

There are so many to choose from!  

Suzanne’s favorite is Double leg stretch on the mat.  Love the deep core work and the coordination of it. Second favorite is Teaser on the mat and the Cadillac!

Guy’s favorite exercise is feet in straps on the reformer, specifically Leg circles.  It is the perfect way to stretch out tight hips.

These individuals are trained through the Safe Reformer Technician training program, and remain a part of the Safe Reformer Network as a professional organization.  They are not employees of Kaleen Canevari or The Fit Reformer, and operate independently.

Pilates is Magic

But Pilates equipment doesn't just magically work.

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