About the techs

Safe Reformer Technicians undergo a rigorous 12-week online training program led by Kaleen Canevari, a mechanical engineer, Pilates instructor, and owner of The Fit Reformer.  The intensive technician training program allows for lots of individual help from Kaleen and other course students, and culminates with the submission of a graduation application which includes a written test, job write-ups, and client reviews. 

The technicians you find in the Safe Reformer Network are dedicated to keeping their skills, knowledge, and work on the cutting-edge.  Membership in the Network is NOT mandatory, and their participation shows the commitment each of them have to serving their Pilates community.

As a part of their membership in the Safe Reformer Technician Network, they are members of a virtual community that shares ideas, helps troubleshoot unknown issues, and contributes to the general knowledge of Pilates equipment.  Each month, Kaleen presents a continuing education topic related to equipment care, troubleshooting, or industry news. 

This program is the ONLY program of its kind in the world.

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In-person and virtual appointments available.

About Kaleen


Before Kaleen was a Pilates instructor, she was a mechanical engineer. After completing her teacher training, she merged her two passions.  

Initially, she helped design equipment for Balanced Body where she bridged the gap between the technical manufacturing-speak and the equally-complicated Pilates world language and ideals. 

Then Kaleen noticed a bigger problem. While Pilates teachers had access to beautiful equipment, most of them were lost on how to take care of it and it wasn’t their fault! After all, this wasn’t something that was taught in the teacher training.  

Kaleen traveled the country for five years, working on equipment of all makes and models.  Along the way she met several like-minded instructors and Pilates fans who wanted to put their handy skills to use just like her, so she started teaching equipment maintenance online. 

The Safe Reformer Network of technicians is her dream community.  By sharing her knowledge with her technician students, she is working to make expert Pilates equipment maintenance accessible for studios all over the world.

Kaleen believes every Pilates studio should provide safe, smooth, and quiet equipment, so their teaching (and not that squeaky spring) can be the star of the show.  Safe Reformer Technicians are specifically trained to help you achieve that goal.

Pilates is Magic

But Pilates equipment doesn't just magically work.

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