Pilates Equipment Experts

Get help with your Pilates Equipment

SafeReformer Techs are Pilates lovers who have undergone extensive training on the care and maintenance of Pilates equipment.  They can help you with:

  • Regular equipment maintenance
  • Safety inspections
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Assembling new equipment
  • Installing upgrade kits or replacement parts

The Safe Reformer Technician Network is led by Kaleen Canevari, a mechanical engineer, comprehensively certified Pilates instructor, and owner of The Fit Reformer.

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Become a Tech

Want to put your handy skills to use and become a technician yourself?  Check out the SafeReformer Technician Training Program.  It runs twice a year and is 100% online.  Includes weekly live Q&A with Kaleen, mentored practice, and a helpful community of other technicians.

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